Global Endeavors

It is the fulfillment of the Great Commission to go into all the world preaching and sharing the Good news that God loves humanity and has provided a way for a relationship through salvation for all mankind in a cross-cultural way.

We further understand that missions, as being part of the greater commissioning of the church, carries the idea of a cross-cultural aspect. For where the church is called to the Great Commission at large; missions is the aspect that reaches across barriers. (Language, culture, social and geographical boundaries.) This is our response, reaching out to those around us (our Jerusalem), those near us (our Judea) and those far from us (the uttermost parts of the earth) with the love of Christ as a church family.

1. Locally

       Training and equipping people for ministry both in Canada and cross-culturally. Investing in our students and children are important to us. These people are not only the future but they are the present as we invest in them.

2. Overseas: 

       We support a number of Global Workers serving outside of Canada.


Both of these ministry projects are an important part of the budgeting process for Motion Church. Wondering how you can support these global endeavors as well as others? E-mail Us.